DNA and RNA isolation



Modular character and independent availability of individual components of various isolation kits allows effective use of the kits.

Column DNA Lego Kit

  • Universal modular system (Lego-like) for pure DNA isolation from various sources.

DEP-25 DNA Extraction Kit

  • Two-component reagent kit for extraction of genomic DNA of various origin.

PCR Genotyping Kit

  • PCR Genotyping Kit is designed for rapid extraction of DNA from various tissues and cells and for PCR genotyping of the extracted DNA.

RNA Blue

  • Reagent for rapid isolation of pure and intact RNA.

DNA Lego kit

  • Kit for rapid isolation of DNA.

Carrier-iRNA / RNA carrier, Carrier-ACRYL, Carrier-GLY 

  • For precipitation of small amounts of RNA or DNA. 
Table 1 - Comparison of various carriers for RNA/DNA precipitation.
Carrier Advantages Disadvantages


Polyinosinic acid

Chemically defined RNA, which is more suitable as carrier for cDNA synthesis and other RNA/DNA manipulations than widely used rRNAs or tRNAs.

Could inhibit reactions catalyzed by terminal transferase or polynucleotide kinase. Interferes with determination of RNA or DNA concentrations.


Linear polyacrylamide


Inert neutral carrier, which does not inhibit DNA cloning, DNA-protein interactions, and enzyme reactions. Does not interfere with determination of RNA/DNA concentrations. Does not co-precipitate short oligonucleotides (≤ 20 pbs).

Does not co-precipitate short oligonucleotides (≤ 20 pbs).


Polysaccharide (glycogen from oysters)


Purified glycogen does not inhibit DNA cloning and most enzyme reactions; does not interfere with determination of RNA/DNA concentrations. It is suitable as inert carrier for precipitation of shorter oligonucleotides (≥ 8 pbs). 

May inhibit some DNA-protein interactions and reverse transcription of long RNA templates.