Hot Start DNA polymerases

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Hot Start DNA polymerases

Combi Taq DNA polymerase

  • In this product, concentration of Taq DNA polymerase is reduced to 1 U/μl. Furthermore, it possesses anti-Taq monoclonal antibody allowing hot start of PCR in which enzymatic activity of Taq DNA polymerase is blocked until the first denaturation step. After denaturation (at 94oC), the antibody is irreversibly inactivated and enzyme becomes active. This decreases production of nonspecific DNA fragments. 

Aptamer-Taq DNA polymerase

  • This products contains DNA aptamer anti-Taq is used instead of anti-Taq monoclonal antibody. When compared to antibody the aptamer has several advantages:
    (1) it is not irreversibly denatured at temperature upto 100oC,
    (2) has low molecular weight, is prepared synthetically, and has well defined composition,
    (3) is not contamined with components of mammalian cells,
    (4) is resistant to action of proteases and allows preparation of PCR mixes at room temperature, and
    (5) is less expensive.