qPCR Visible Blue Mark

It is a 200x concentrated blue dye that increases the visibility of PCR reaction mixes without affecting PCR efficiency and does not interfere with widely used fluorescent DNA dyes (e.g. SYBR Green) and probes used for qPCR.

Cat.no. Name Package Price
B129 qPCR Visible Blue Mark 100 µl 490,00 Kč

Product description

The qPCR Visible Blue Mark is a dye enhancing the visibility of real-time PCR reaction mixtures, enabling easier loading of small-volume reactions into tubes or multi-well plates with greater speed, accuracy, and precision (Fig. 1). The presence of the dye is particularly advantageous for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping and high-throughput gene expression analysis using multi-well plates. The presence of the dye does not adversely affect the performance of the PCR reactions when used as directed; it does not interfere with widely used qPCR fluorescence dyes, such as SYBR Green, EvaGreen, or probe-based detections. It is optimized for various real-time PCR mixes of the Top-Bio provenience, including hot-start PCR mixes. The qPCR Visible Blue Mark can be used with various real-time PCR systems. For convenience, qPCR Visible Blue Mark can be added directly to the master mixes or used as a component of PCR mixes added at a selected step.


Figure 1. qPCR Visible Blue Mark facilitates pipetting into multi-well plates. Wells of the 384-well plate were pipetted with 10 µl aliquotes of qPCR 2x Blue Master Mix (columns 3-8) or 10 µl aliquotes of qPCR 2x Blue Master Mix_BLUE containing 100-fold diluted qPCR Visible Blue Mark (columns 1, 2, 9-14, 23, 24). In columns 16-22, qPCR 2xSYBR Master Mix_BLUE was pipetted only in rows A, C, E, G, I, K, M and O. In column 15, all wells were left blank.



Figure 2. qPCR Visible Blue Mark does not affect the qPCR performance. qPCR 2x Blue Master Mix (Top-Bio, Cat. No. P521) was supplemented with qPCR Visible Blue Mark (blue lines; final dilution 1:200) or not (green lines), SYBR Green 1, DNA template at five 10-fold dilutions, and the corresponding primers. No DNA template control (NTC) was also included. The samples in triplicates were analyzed by a real-time PCR cycler.

Technical data

Components and Packaging

  • A tube with 10 µl of 200x concentrated qPCR Visible Blue Mark, which delivers 1000 x 20 µl PCR reaction mixtures.


  • When protected from light, the product can be stored at a temperature of -20oC ± 5oC for 12 months, for up to 1 month at 4oC ± 2oC, and several days at a temperature of up to 30oC. 


  • The qPCR Visible Blue Mark is a 200x concentrated non-toxic blue dye in 75 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.0 (at 25oC), supplemented with stabilizers and additives.

Purity and quality control

  • Each product batch is tested for performance in qPCR using SYBR Green as a fluorescence dye. No difference in qPCR performance is observed in the presence of the dye. A typical result of such testing is shown in Fig 2.