High quality

Nejvyšší dosažitelná kvalita

We ensure careful final inspection independently on manufacturing. The products come with quality certificates, which are available in electronic form... 

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Certificate ISO PDF

We possess ISO 9001:2008 certificate: “Manufacturing high quality reagents...

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Firm’s testimony

  • Production of reagents of the highest quality
  • Demanding output control
  • Emphasis is put...

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Materials for testing of RNA coronavirus, causing

Survey of products of category Other materials for PCR

Cat. No. Product name and specification Amount Price Pcs
P043 PCR Oil 15 ml 16.67 EUR
P044 PCR Et-OH 100 ml 14.58 EUR
E101a PCR Enhancer together with 1000U of polymerases 1 ml 0 EUR
E101 PCR Enhancer 1 ml 25 EUR
P242 PCR H2O 10x 15 ml 66.67 EUR
P042 PCR H2O 15 ml 8.33 EUR
P040 PCR Ultra H2O 15 ml 15.83 EUR
P240 PCR Ultra H2O 10x 15 ml 126.67 EUR
P340 PCR Ultra H2O 10x 1.5 ml 16.67 EUR
P440 PCR Ultra H2O 50x 1.5 ml 75 EUR
P142 PCR dNTP mix 10x 100 µl 207.92 EUR
P141 PCR dNTP mix 5x 100 µl 125 EUR
P041 PCR dNTP mix 100 µl 30 EUR