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We ensure careful final inspection independently on manufacturing. The products come with quality certificates, which are available in electronic form... 

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We possess ISO 9001:2008 certificate: “Manufacturing high quality reagents...

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Column DNA Lego Kit - modern system for pure DNA isolation

Aptamer Hot Start Master Mix - same price as normal PCR Master Mix

DEP-25 DNA Extraction Kit - DNA Extraction for PCR under 25 min

PCR enhancer



Amplification of DNA fragments by PCR often demands optimization of reaction conditions, which lead to the removal of undesirable unspecifities and to the increase of amount of PCR product. Optimization includes the concentration of Mg2+, concentration of polymerase, temperature of annealing of oligonucleotide primers and others. In some cases optimization can be reached by addition of additives (e.g. DMSO or formamide). Interesting effects have been obtained with tetramethyl ammonium (TMA) oxalate (Kovářová and Dráber, Nucleic Acid Res., 28: e70, 2000), which is available under the commercial name PCR Enhancer. This enhancer is can be added directly into PCR mixture.

Technical data


  • Store at temperature from -20 ±5oC. Material can be repeatedly defrosted. One package is sufficient for 1000 reactions in a volume of 50 µl.


  • 1 tube contains 1 ml of PCR Enhancer.


  • M TMA oxalate in PCR H20.


Recommended protocol for the use of PCR enhancer

  • PCR enhancer is diluted 1:50 into PCR reaction solution; i. e if PCR is performed at reaction volume 50 µl,1 µl of PCR enhancer is added directly into PCR mix.


Cat. No. Product name and specification Amount Price
E101a PCR Enhancer together with 1000U of polymerases 1 ml 0 EUR
E101 PCR Enhancer 1 ml 25 EUR