High quality

Nejvyšší dosažitelná kvalita

We ensure careful final inspection independently on manufacturing. The products come with quality certificates, which are available in electronic form... 

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Certificate ISO PDF

We possess ISO 9001:2008 certificate: “Manufacturing high quality reagents...

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Firm’s testimony

  • Production of reagents of the highest quality
  • Demanding output control
  • Emphasis is put...

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Column DNA Lego Kit - modern system for pure DNA isolation

Aptamer Hot Start Master Mix - same price as normal PCR Master Mix

DEP-25 DNA Extraction Kit - DNA Extraction for PCR under 25 min

Izolace RNA

Products used for DNA or RNA isolation

Modular character and independent availability of individual components of various isolation kits allows effective use of the kits.

Column DNA Lego Kit - NEW 2014

  • Universal modular system (Lego-like) for pure DNA isolation from various sources.

DEP-25 DNA Extraction Kit - NEW 2014

  • Two-component reagent kit for extraction of genomic DNA of various origin.

PCR Genotyping Kit - NEW 2014

  • PCR Genotyping Kit is designed for rapid extraction of DNA from various tissues and cells and for PCR genotyping of the extracted DNA.

RNA Blue

  • Reagent for rapid isolation of pure and intact RNA.

DNA Lego kit

  • Kit for rapid isolation of DNA.

RNA carrier

  • For precipitation of small amounts of RNA.